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High School Rugby

High School Rugby is played in the Spring, usually beginning in early April, and culminate in the State Championships at the end of May.  There are both boys and girls high school rugby teams.  Some teams are single school high school teams, and others are U-19 clubs where players from multiple schools form a single rugby team, such as Washtenaw Boys Rugby Football Club or Livingston County Girls Rugby Club.

There are 31 boys high school rugby teams in Michigan.  The boys high school competition is divided into two leagues, the East and West.  Both leagues are split into three divisions: I, II, and III.  Rugby has become so popular at some schools that several clubs can field multiple sides, such as the West Ottawa and Grandville boys clubs that have an A, B, and C side competing in Division I, II, and III, respectively.

There are 9 girls high school rugby teams in Michigan.  The teams play against each other during the league season, each team plays 6 matches during the regular season.  This means some teams might not play each other until the State Playoffs.  Girls rugby is growing in Michigan, every year there seems to be interest in developing new teams around the state.


2014 Player Handbook

This years handbook has been adopted and approved by the Board Members. All players along with any affiliated coaches and parents should review before the start of the season.

Rugby Handbook (00889426)


SBRO Changes – Player Fees
Under the SBRO structure, Rugby Michigan will move from team-based fees to player-based fees to spread the cost more evenly across all of the players.  Instead of each high school team paying Rugby Michigan and USA Rugby team dues, each player will pay a dedicated fee that will cover the costs of the previous team fees.  The new SBRO player fee includes USA Rugby Team CIPP, USA Rugby individual player CIPP, referee fees, and Rugby Michigan dues.

2013 Rugby Michigan Player Fee
The 2013 USA Rugby Membership Registration for players is $65.00 each; USA Rugby keeps $30.00 for Player CIPP and sends $35.00 to Rugby Michigan to cover the above costs.  To register, go to the USA Rugby Membership Registration site.