DI West All Conference


Teams of DI West have announced their 2014 All Conference selections.  Congratulations to all.

DI WEST All Conference

Aaron Ortiz – Rockford

AJ Zervousdakis – Catholic Central

Billy Dejonge – West Ottawa

Calvin Bischoff – Catholic Central

David Rich – West Ottawa

Drew Boatright – Rockford

Edmond Grajqevci – West Ottawa

Foster Leverrett – Rockford

Grand Tennihill – Catholic Central

Hunter Seath – Sparta

Jack Ensing – Grandville

Jared Dornbush – Sparta

Jarrit Scholten – West Ottawa

Luke Ens – Catholic Central

Luke Ensing – Grandville

Mason Heimbaugh – Sparta

Nico Urtado – West Ottawa

Quinn Connor – Grandville

Ryan McIntyre – Catholic Central

Seamus Crane – West Ottawa

Seth Alfaro – Catholic Central

Tom Cheslek – Sparta

Zach Ebsch – West Ottawa


Honorable Mention

Eppe Saarenheimo – Grandville

Kenny Wilekes – Catholic Central

Kevin Krum – Sparta


Scholar Athlete Award

AJ Zervousdakis – Catholic Central

Braden LaTour – Sparta

Calvin Bischoff – Catholic Central

David Curtin – West Ottawa

Edmond Grajqevci – West Ottawa

Jake Brower – Grandville

Luke Ens – Catholic Central

Nick Priest – Sparta

Rami Farawi – West Ottawa

Seamus Crane – West Ottawa

Zachary Ebsch – West Ottawa

Zander Willoughby – Grandville


Scholar Athlete Requirements

  1. Enrollment – Student must be enrolled in high school and participating in rugby at a MYRA member school or club.
  2. Senior Status – Student must be a senior graduating during the 2013-14 school year.
  3. “Varsity” (A-Side) Rugger – Student must have participated in an A-Side match during the 2014 season.
  4. 3.50 GPA – Student must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. You may not round up a 3.4x grade point average for the purposes of qualifying.